Product Overview

Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc.’s portable, modular Gas to Liquid Fuel Conversion Units will encompass several proprietary technological advancements. The Company’s patented technology incorporates progressive developments in engineering, manufacturing, design fabrication, and tooling. Each unit will enable an efficient F-T synthesis gas conversion to a liquid hydrocarbon (synthetic fuel) on the surface of a heterogeneous catalyst confined to very small spaces. Because the unit is a platform for a highly exothermic chemical reaction with uniform and consistent catalytic contact, it will be relatively inexpensive to operate, dependable, long lived, and highly autonomous, requiring minimal oversight.
Due to their unique mobility, Conversion Units will offer tremendous flexibility in placement options and significantly lower operating costs while making high returns on invested capital. Designed to be mounted on a standard flat bed truck, a Conversion Unit can be transported to various sites and the truck bed dropped in place. A large number of Conversion Units situated together will be capable of output volumes and yields comparable to a large stationary GTL facility, and for a fraction of the capital and operating costs. When a gas well is depleted or vacated for any other reason, the Conversion Unit is relocated elsewhere, leaving little or no environmental remediation necessary. Any well abandonment issues remain the responsibility of the owner or operator of the well.