Portable Conversion Units

Greenway’s patented Gas to Liquid (GTL) Conversion Units meet several urgent needs in the marketplace for a low-cost, mobile system that can produce cleaner and more efficient fuels from the overabundance of assessable natural gas and yet also accommodate the smaller, stranded, or otherwise inaccessible natural gas fields.

This patented technology is based upon the Fischer-Tropsch (“FT”) conversion system that has been operational in various locations throughout the world since the 1920s. The portable and scalable design of our patent pending technology allows us to bring our GTL conversion units to pipeline and stored facilities as well as stranded natural gas sources or smaller plays that could not ordinarily economically justify the cost of a permanent GTL facility.

Our Conversion Unit’s innovative design, unique catalytic environment, and control systems provide a superior operating environment over heat transfer, mass transfer, and residence time that affords allows us:

  • Better control and target hydrocarbon distribution of the fuel products
  • Properly size the catalyst support and maintain appropriate pressure and flow rate
  • Reduce the presence of reconstituted CH4 and increase the efficiency of the system
  • Eliminate the final separation process normally associated with FT

Overall, our patented technology is capable of producing a synfuel product that is of simply superior in quality.