Fuels derived from Greenway’s patent pending conversion units:

  • Based on proven technology
  • Patented
  • Have excellent quality, very clean
    • No sulphur, no NOx
    • High cetane
    • Very low particulates and aromatics
  • Meets or exceeds all environmental specifications
  • Can be used in its pure form in existing engines as a low emission fuel, but main use is as a blend-stock in refinery production
  • Convert abundant and inexpensive natural gas supplies worldwide
  • Monetize stranded and stored gas supplies
  • Reduce the dependence of foreign oil
  • Create jobs
  • Are “drop-in” fuels, able to be used throughout our national fuel infrastructure as it is currently structured, and within the engines of our national automotive and commercial fleet, on the ground, on the sea, and in the air
  • Require a small footprint; this new technology requires only a single acre of land for full deployment. As a result of its greatly reduced footprint, the new Technology can be located near sources of feedstock, whether in remote areas or discreetly tucked into urban settings
  • Are based on proven technology!