Gas to Liquid Fuels

Natural gas represents a global energy resource similar in size to that of crude oil. However, considerable volumes of natural gas are located in remote areas lacking pipelines or other infrastructure to transport them directly to the customer. Substantial amounts are also flared (burned off) as an unwanted by-product of oil production.

Greenway Innovative Energy’s (Greenway) patented technology is based upon the Fischer-Tropsch (“FT”) conversion system that has been operational in various locations throughout the world since the early 1930s. Thousands of FT systems have operated during the last 80 years, being most notably responsible for driving energy economies of wartime Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. More recently, and for a more sustained period, FT has been responsible for providing much of the motive energy required to meet the needs of the Republic of South Africa, a country recognized as having pushed FT technology much further than any other nation since the development of the process.

Portable Gas to Liquid conversion units will target smaller gas plays that are increasingly beginning to characterize natural gas production within the United States and elsewhere. By scaling down the technology we meet the demands of portability without having sacrificed the primary function of FT: the conversion of natural gas (CH4, more commonly referred to as methane) to long-chain linear synthetic fuel (having similar characteristic of diesel fuel, jet fuel, or heating oil).