Raymond Wright – President

Mr. Wright is a seasoned business executive who at an early age assumed responsibility for the entire European production facilities of a Fortune 50 company. Mr. Wright’s corporate and marketing experience spans several industries and continents. He has functioned as CEO for various corporations, restructuring companies for maximum efficiency and profitability; and developed global purchasing contracts to maximize corporate purchasing power. Mr. Wright owned a Dallas-based manufacturer of oil industry equipment and has owned and operated several financial corporations that structured creative financing through the creation of a worldwide network of private and corporate investors primarily in Europe and the Middle East. He also owned a USA based mining operation with product distribution into global markets. In 2008 Mr. Wright became part of the original planning and development team involved with the development of a natural gas to liquid fuel Project. In 2011, Mr. Wright formed Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc. with the inventor and designer of the GTL conversion unit in order to develop, design, manufacture, and commercialize a portable natural gas to liquid fuel machine.

Tom Phillips – Vice President of Operations

Tom Phillips is a highly experienced and accomplished deal making executive with a very successful acquisition and divestiture track record. He has developed and executed strategies for profitable business plans across a wide range of industries (i.e. banking, finance, private equity, technology, real estate, oil & gas). His extensive relationships with business, banking, and investor contacts have led to the successful launch of many enterprises as well as growth and sales of existing businesses. After starting his career with Lone Star Gas building and operating pipelines and natural gas processing plants, Mr. Phillips joined Markit / JP Morgan FCS / Financial Computer Software (a spinoff of Highland Capital Management), where he built and managed a sales team that allowed the company to grow revenues from $2.5 MM annually to over $85 MM. Soon after the company was purchased Tom was asked to join senior management at BCR Environmental / NuTerra Management LLC , a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technology Company and related Solutions Provider. A transaction of roughly $11 million was completed involving a shift in the dysfunctional ownership of the firm to provide liquidity and expansion capital. Early 2017  Mr. Phillips was brought aboard to guide Greenway operations with Greenway President Ray Wright.  Today Mr. Phillips is working with the Conrad Greer Lab professors at UTA to optimize the GTL process.