F. Conrad Greer
Conrad Greer has been actively engaged as an executive, petroleum engineer, chemist, and consultant since 1954 in the petroleum and chemical industries. He is internationally recognized for his extensive work in the evaluation of oil and gas properties, reservoir engineering, the development of enhanced oil recovery methods and, in particular, development of industrial catalysts. Mr. Greer started his career achieving positions of increasing importance at Nalco Chemical Company (1954 – 1960) and Texaco, Inc. (1960 – 1966); in this capacity he acquired years of experience in the then rather obscure field of catalytic chemistry, a field in which he made important technical contributions, perhaps the most important of which are included in issued U.S. Patents No. 5,877,128, March 2, 1999; No. 6,258,758B1, July 10, 2001; and No. 6,362,135B1, March 26, 2002. Mr. Greer served as VP and Division Manager for H-S Production Company (1966 – 1972), VP of Caracas-based Talon, SA (1968 – 1972), President and CEO of Greer Petroleum Company (1977 – 1987) and President of Rubicon Royalties LLC (1998 – 2000). Currently Mr. Greer serves as Vice President of Engineering and Technology of Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc., CEO of Greer Engineering Company, President of Omniferous Energy Company and President of Omniferous Engineering Company since 1972 which specialized in catalyzed lubricants and catalyzed metal coatings. Conrad Greer is a Texas Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer (No. 43440); California Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer (No. 1188); member of Society of Petroleum Engineers of A.I.M.E.; American Petroleum Institute, Production and Drilling member; author of several significant published technical papers. Mr. Greer studied Pre-Law at Columbia University, and holds a B.S. and M.S in Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Raymond Wright
Mr. Wright is a seasoned business executive who at an early age assumed responsibility for the entire European production facilities of a Fortune 50 company. Mr. Wright’s corporate and marketing experience spans several industries and continents. He has functioned as CEO for various corporations, restructuring companies for maximum efficiency and profitability; and developed global purchasing contracts to maximize corporate purchasing power. Mr. Wright owned a Dallas-based manufacturer of oil industry equipment and has owned and operated several financial corporations that structured creative financing through the creation of a worldwide network of private and corporate investors primarily in Europe and the Middle East. He also owned a USA based mining operation with product distribution into global markets. In 2008 Mr. Wright became part of the original planning and development team involved with the development of a natural gas to liquid fuel Project. In 2011, Mr. Wright formed Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc. with the inventor and designer of the GTL conversion unit in order to develop, design, manufacture, and commercialize a portable natural gas to liquid fuel machine.